lunes, 6 de agosto de 2007


the weather like and i’m wearing i’m in merida-venezuela city. merida is beutiful, it’s rainig, in’t warm. it’s noon . i’m wering a blue jeans, white sweater, light sreen t-shirt, and black sandols.

my drean house.

my drean house is: great it hasporch
a garden, trees a beautifol.balcony
and a white a blue a swimming poo
it´s in merida.and has a lot of
flower around.

the family tree.

grandfather and gramdmather. petra and angel sierra.
my father name is:jubencio arteaga.
my mather name is:carmen sierra.
my brother name is: angel sierra.
my sister name is:fanny sierra.
Angel sierra.
And gramother
Petra sierra

Carmen sierra
Fanny sierra.
Angel sierra.
My .
Maria sierra
Juvencio Arteaga.
my uncle name is:carlos and teresa.

welcome my blog. friends.
my full name is maria gregoria sierra sierra.
but you can call me maria.l
my drean is to graduate in bussines administtration.
I´m fron venezuela. and live in haticos.
I´m 29 years old. and study administartion at u.r.b.e.
work in locatel.
I love music and dancin.
I think english very important to every body.
I listen to music and watch tv.
bay my frends.l thanks

conversation nome is maria sierra.
jose:i,m jose
maria:it´s nice to meet jou jose.
jose:nice to me you too.
maria:what´s you last name.
jose:my last name is ortis.
maria:spell last name.
maria:what do you do.
jose.I´m study.
maria:what do you live.
jose:i live in san francisco.
maria:bay jose